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Encarguelo.com se dedica a comprar en USA desde Colombia Hacemos compras por internet en tiendas como Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, o cualquier otra que haga entregas en Estados Unidos.
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Florida business leader Michael Brauser founded uSell.com, a digital firm that allows customers to easily sell their used electronics. As chairman with the provider, he facilitated its transition to a publicly traded enterprise. Complementing uSell.com’s success, IDI, a digital marketing firm also founded by Michael Brauser, utilizes data fusion strategies to grow its clients’ brands. Brauser presently supports IDI as chairman.In the past, he established, expanded, and sold companies for hundreds of millions of dollars. As a director with Seisant, which he founded, he played a key role in a deal that allowed Reed Elsevier to purchase the company for more than three-quarters of a billion dollars. And, as co-chairman, he sold InterClick to Yahoo for nearly $300 million.Michael Brauser holds a bachelor of science in business administration from the University of Florida. He continues to support the university as a board member of its Warrington College of Business.