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Advance Carts is a shopping cart manufacturer that develops attractive shopping carts for an unsurpassed shopping experience. We have an outstanding team and a complete line of products that we believe is the best on the market.
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LF of America is your partner for Personal Care and OTC products, from packaging manufacturing, formulation, contract filling and secondary pack-out.Either cosmetics or OTC, filling your products at LF of America ensures that it is packaged with the highest standards of safety and quality assurance.The production processes at LF of America are done in controlled areas and are guaranteed by the experience of many years in the industry.Benefits of contract filling with LF of America include:Filling all kind of liquid solutions: from liquids to serums, from gels to creams.Maximum flexibility: from small production through semi-automated operations to large-scale orders with highly automated machines.Final pack out of the containers may be completed in secondary packaging provided by clients.Filling of vials in five-piece strips with five different products, different viscosities and filling levels.